Eco Wellness

Garten Eco Wellness is a life philosophy. We emphasize a positive approach to life with the offer of a unique wellness program designed only for you.

The offer includes:

  • The beer bath
  • The chocolate bath
  • Bath in apples
  • Bath in rose petals
  • Lifestyle massage
  • Sauna with ice well & relax zone
  • A room with sauna
  • Steam bath


We would particularly like to mention the rejuvenating bath, bathing in beer in oak barrels as a unique offer in Croatia.
Together with wellness a welcome drink is included.

Price list for guests:

Beer bath and bath with apples

Nbr. of persons || Price
2 || 162 kn/person
3-4 || 135 kn/person
5-7 || 117 kn/person
8+ || 108 kn/person
* Relax zone is included with all baths. *

Chocolate bath and bath with rose petals

Nbr. of persons || Price
2 || 162 kn/person
3-4 || 150 kn/person
5-7 || 135 kn/person
8+ || 113 kn/person
* Relax zone is included with all baths. *

Sauna with ice well& relax zone

Nbr. of persons || Price
1-3 || 68 kn/person
4 || 45 kn/person


220 kn/person- 1 sat
120 kn/person- 30 min.

* The term for baths must be booked in advance
* Baths in apples and baths in rose petals are seasonal.

Beer bath

Skin is the largest human organ, by skin we recognize youth and beauty, and beer baths will enrich your skin with B vitamins and give it elasticity and shine.

Bath with rose petals:

In the spring, when the roses flourish and the scent spreads through Brodsko Vinogorje, and in Garten they prepare a bath with rose petals for you ...

Chocolate bath:

For those who never and nowhere can not do without chocolate, the chocolate bath is designed.

Apple bath:

Queen of fruit, apple, found its place in the baths of Eko Garten.

Relax zone:

To lie down in a wine barrell and read a good book … This is so cool.

Wellness area for relaxation:

Relaxation and lying in wine barrels - hedonism inherent to Greek philosopher Diogenes ...