Garten since 1988.

Garten is today a recognizable brand for quality service because it has credibility through original experience that is long remembered.

The hotel has a soul, that can be result only of many years of hard work.

Passion, creativity and innovation are woven in the hotel to the extent that we can not even be coied. Heart, soul and experience can not be copied.

Garten at night:

At night, when life falls silent, the mystery of Garten dominates the night sunset.

Garten from the air:

Gentle slopes of the hills inspired the greatest Croatian writer Ivana Brlić Mažuranić giving a glimpse of a fairy-tale to her great works.

Restaurant Garten:

Oh, when I think of how well you can eat in Garten!

Restaurant on a belvedere:

A belvedere is a story in itself, especially in summer but also in winter .... You should come and see.

Comfort room 16:


Some rooms in Garten really have a soul, but also their told and untold stories.


Relaxing zone:

Uniquely designed wellness, ecologically, uniquely, rarely seen.


Always friendly staff will be happy to welcome you in a stylishly designed reception.

Garden pavillion:

The fresh breeze from the ancient Roman colony of Marsonia is the best felt in the Garten garden pavilion.